Septic tanks

Living in built up areas, in large communities where communal systems serve the majority and where one group of services will provide for multiple households and businesses, it is easy to underestimate the impact and demand we make on our environment.  It is possible for cities and towns to be environmentally conscious acting to protect and help their habitat. However, in the more rural areas, where nature and wildlife are your nearest neighbours, the environment seems more of your concern, more of your responsibility.  With that in mind, a lot of people who live in such areas, like to find ways to become self sufficient in a way that will work in harmony with their surroundings.

The amount of water usage is monitored and noticed by those who employ the use of septic tanks. In the UK, it is estimated that each person uses on average 150 litres of water each day.  The overuse of water comes about from classic mistakes and habits, such as not filling the washing machine with it’s full load capacity, leaving taps running in between brushing teeth and over flushing our toilets.  A septic tank encourages more thought and consideration on these matters, so that you can get the most out of your sewage system while saving water and money.

Domestic septic tanks are one way that we each, in our own households can be responsible for our own needs and impact within our habitat.  For example, a septic tank relies on bacteria to make the filter system work so that the waste water can be released into the leaching field (the soil absorption area). Any products or liquids that can be harmful to the environment cannot be released into septic tank systems, without destroying that process.  Already we can see the benefits of using septic tank systems, as it forces us to take notice of what we use everyday and then discard.

Businesses can also benefit from a commercial septic tank from a practical point of view.  For example, agricultural businesses spread over a large area of land, can use a commercial septic tank to fit their needs.  The benefits of this can be environmental and economic as much as it is practical.  Linking in with local plumbing systems when located out of the way, means disrupting the landscape, extra building costs, as well as unnecessary waste of resources and time.  Large septic tanks can be placed in one chosen location, closer to the property it is to serve, without all of this hassle.  Large septic tanks are also an ideal choice and solution for camping sites, where you may wish to install facilities for your visitors such as a washing up area, some shower blocks and toilets.

ASAP septic tanks have found in there years of experience that whether in a domestic, commercial or agricultural setting, our choice of Clearwater septic tanks and Alpha septic tanks can provide you with all you need to deal with your wastewater and sewage needs.


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