sewage pumping systems

asap septic tanks specialize in creating  sewage pumping systems that are bespoke to any clients particular needs,both domestic and commercial sewage pumping systems need to cater for the amount of people either living or working at a site, the height that the effluent from the sewage pumping system has to be lifted and the distance that the effluent has to travel from the sewage pumping system to the eventual foul drainage outlet.they are constructed by clearwater which is a division of the kingspan group which is the proud owner of the largest sewage equipment making factory in europe and also produces the brand leading klargester sewage pumping system.there are three main types of pump to be fitted to any of our sewage pumping systems and these are effluent grinder pumps,solid lift sewage effluent pumps and a standard water pump for use in ground water management.sewage pumping systems are manufactured in the uk and are made to water authority and bs standards.inlets are 110mm brown sewer and grp in construction of the body of the sewage pumping system and often fitted with a 50mm , 63,, or 90mm compression fitting outlet.this enables fitting of the correct size of pipe in black hdpe which comes on coils of up to 100mtrs and thus it has a continuous flow as there are no joints in the outlet pipe.sewage pumping systems are used around the world for supermarkets ,care homes new domestic dwellings and in all types of factory when you want liquid to go up hill you should consider a sewage pumping system to solve your problems.all sewage pumping systems come with the control panel which allows the setting of the float switches within the system to dtermine when the effluent level is high and automatically empties the system ,alarms for the sewage pumping system are availble to fit and an outdoor water proof cabinet to hold any electrical connections are also availble.efficient easy to use sewage pumping systems are both single phase and three phase to suit all applications.

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