We Supply Super Quality Septic Tanks

Are you searching for high-quality septic tanks? These underground systems collect sewage which eventually drains away into a purpose-built soakaway. We are leading suppliers of septic tanks in the UK and we can offer you a solution to safely store any sewage. Septic tanks must be connected to a soakaway in line with industry regulations. We offer an excellent range of septic tanks for you to choose from depending on your construction requirements with our product range covering clearwater, alpha, sigma along with low profile being amongst your many options to choose from.  Different size options are based on how many people use a specific dwelling. We are happy to advise you on the correct system for you. How important are septic tanks and what stock can we offer you?

Important Function

Septic tanks provide an essential unseen primary function – they process sewage waste effectively and efficiently. It’s not the sort of subject that we like to think deeply about, but these systems allow us to live in comfort. The better the quality of the septic tank, the longer they last when performing this vital function. When you consider the reality, we would be lost without septic tanks. No one would choose to return to earlier eras where the sanitation systems were crude and dangerous. By selecting a septic tank from us, you can have confidence that it will perform well.

A Good Selection of Septic Tanks

We offer a good selection of septic tanks for you to consider including above ground and underground, commercial and agricultural septic tank units, sizes start from 800ltr to 79,000ltr.  Once you have decided what system capacity you require based on the number of people that will use the facility, you are good to go. Take for example the Kingspan Gamma Septic Tank. You can choose either a 2,800ltr or 4,000ltr capacity model. It is fully tested and approved to EN12566 standards for your peace of mind. The way in which it is designed ensures that it is easy to install. It has a low-profile design so that when you excavate the ground, you won’t need to remove a lot of soil. This helps to reduce your overall costs. How do you know that it will perform to a high level? The Kingspan Gamma Septic Tank is watertight, chemical resistant and lightweight.

Larger Septic Tank Options

Are you looking for septic tanks with a larger capacity? Then look no further. The Clearwater Shallow Dig Septic Tank Sigma could be just what you need. This has a large capacity of up to 9,150ltrs, which is suitable for around 47 people. The smallest option in this range is2,800ltrs, so you can select the perfect septic tank to match your requirements. How effective is this system? When you purchase one of these septic tanks, you are guaranteed a 99.7% level of efficiency. If you require commercial septic tanks, our largest units have an enormous 79,000ltr capacity. Do you need a specialist installation service? We can provide this for you.

Want to know more?

Would you like any more information about our septic tanks or any other products? You can contact us on our website, or you can speak to us now on 01623 232240.

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