wash down silt trap separator

wash down silt trap separator are positioned in the ground with a serious of pipe and connections to catch run off water which contains contaminants such as leafs oil and gravel and soil granuals and other particals that are heavier than water to a trap. once in the wash down silt trap separator the said particals drop into a chamber and the liquid then passes over the top and out of another pipe to the main example full retention sparator.wash down silt trap separator have a large access point which is a hinged five tonne weight loaded lid to allow you to empty the silt debris from the trap and thus preventing and decreasing the emptying cost of the main full retention separator.made from grp with brown sewer pipe connections in either 110mm or 160mm and 200mm pipe work and constructed to bs standards and made in the uk the wash down silt trap separators are great for car wash fascilities , haulage yards ,farms and commercial buildings and are a must have item for chemical works.

Wash down silt trap separators become an important part of any companies environmental policies and should be integrated into health and safety management checks as part of a daily or monthly check list to ensure both the protection of the employee and the protection of water coarse and wild life in rivers and water coarses .

they should be emptied when full by an effluent removal company who have specific licence to remove the sludge from the tank and transport to a designated discharge point at a water authority depot.

Wash down silt trap separators are easy to install and connect to a serious of channel drains or pipe work that are set out in the concreted designated wash down area to prevent spillage of washed dirt and grease from the bodies or engines of vehicles thus providing environmental protection to the surrounding area.

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