wastewater separators and grease traps

here at asap septic tanks we are involved in all types of liquid waste and we have a full range of wastewater separators and grease traps to solve all of clients needs from cfe to car wash to petrol stations wastewater separators and grease traps are working hard underground to provide safe water disposal to our drainage systems throughout the country.everywhere you see a service station the underground works have already been done and we guarantee there will be at least one wastewater separator and grese traps installed forecourt separators , full retention separators and bypass separators receiving thousands of litres of rain water run off every day with the car wash areas becoming larger throughout the country and more and more popular the carwash wastewater separator is a must have peice of equipment for every installation.wastewater separators and grease traps protect equipment from breakdown in places like hotels and cafe s as the material the wastewater separators and grease traps collect often would end up blocking the sewage drainage system resulting in extra emptying cost and drainage repair as the wastewater separators and grease traps catch all of this waste food material and different chemicals and prevnt thes from entering the sewer system.wastewater separators and grease traps can be so easy to fit and be mdpe or grp in construction and fitted with a large pipe inlet system can take large volumes of fast flowing liquid waste for processing before the outlet to foul.wastewater separators and grease traps should never be attached to a soakaway system and should be maintained on a yearly basis.wastewater separators and grease traps fitted in areas where surface car parks where oil silt can run off from storm water and flooding can be fitted with automatic closure devises ,venting points and alarms and all can be fitted with road going manhole covers to 44 tonne rated for safety and lock down lids is also a benefit.

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